Good food can help you achieve your best self.

optimize your health
amp up your happiness
fuel your performance
enhance your productivity
build your confidence
inspire your creativity

What is You + Food?

You + Food is a holistic & functional approach to exploring & developing your relationship with food.

It is based on three key guiding principles:

mindful eating

This doesn’t mean eating slowly while meditating on a mountaintop. It means heightening your awareness of & reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, & biases surrounding food choices & behaviours. To change things, we must first understand them.


By setting realistic short-term goals with rewarding & measurable outcomes, we can steadily progress towards our long-term vision. Sustainability is further supported by the development of practical & adaptable life skills- from food prep & deciphering nutrition info, to dealing with social scenarios, cultural symbolism, & emotional eating.

health at every size

Although behaviour change may result in weight change, optimizing health & personal livelihood should always be the primary goal. We know that weight is NOT a reliable indicator of individual health. Instead, we acknowledge & appreciate the full spectrum of healthy body shapes and sizes.

How does You + Food work?

You + Food is NOT a diet program.

Because diet programs suck. They simply don't work. They will only leave you feeling exhausted, frustrated, disappointed, hungry, & stuck in a continuous cycle of self-loathing.

Choose a plan that works for you.

There are a variety of options, because our needs & lifestyles are unique. We can connect while we sit, walk, cook, grocery shop, etc. Whatever floats your boat.

Hard work creates sustainable change.

Be prepared to work your butt off. And expect life to throw you some curve balls. We will adapt our plan as your needs & goals change, continuously striving for success & personal growth.