Informed Consent & Terms of Booking

I am hiring the services of Saara Rizzo, Registered Dietitian, at You + Food. These services are intended to provide guidance and support related to food skills, nutrition, and lifestyle in order to nourish and support my health and wellness.

I understand that a Registered Dietitian is not a medical physician, and thus does not dispense medical advice, nor diagnose or treat any medical condition.

I understand nutrition counselling is not a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, or care of disease by a medical provider. However, nutrition counselling can provide nutritional support and education for an already diagnosed condition.

Dietitians provide individualized knowledge and skills to enhance health as it relates to food, cooking, dietary supplements, and behaviours associated with eating. While nutritional support can be an important compliment to my medical care, I understand these services are not a substitute for medical care.

I understand that Saara will keep brief notes as a record of our work together. These notes document the topics that we talk about, interventions used, and treatment plan or any other considerations that may be helpful to my work with Saara.

Records will be stored in an encrypted computer file or locked filing cabinet in Saara’s office for a minimum of ten years, as per the College of Dietitians of Ontario standards of practice. Medical records, personal information, and history divulged in sessions will be kept strictly confidential unless I consent to sharing my medical and nutritional information with collaborating practitioners.

If I choose to participate in nutrition counselling by telephone or videoconferencing, I understand the benefits and risks, including, but not limited to, the possibility, despite reasonable efforts on the part of the dietitian, that the transmission of my personal information could be disrupted or distorted by technical failures and/or the transmission of my personal information could be interrupted by unauthorized persons.

In order to benefit from nutrition counselling, I realize that it is important for me to inform my physician and dietitian of any changes I make in the application of my diet. It is my responsibility to report any side effects or problems immediately and to make the necessary adjustments to my treatment plan with my physician and/or dietitian. I will not hold my dietitian responsible for any complications that result from my failure to comply with either of the above.

I agree to hold You + Food and Saara Rizzo harmless for claims or damages in connection with our work together. This is a contract between myself and Saara, and I understand that it is also a release of potential liability.